Monday, November 14, 2011

Good's quite a few days of Thankfulness all caught up.

I'm going from today back...because that's how the days would show up on my blog anyhow.

Day 14 - Sam Wamster!

The little sister I never biologically had...but grew up with like she really was.

I love everything about you!

Your beauty inside and out.

How you know me like no one else.

How your smile and laughter can turn a sad moment into something totally wonderful and amazing.

You are a fantabulous friend!

I hope you know how much you are loved and respected.

I can't imagine what my childhood would have been like without having you right next door.

I love you!

P.S.  *Head

Day 13 - Crosspoint

I LOVE our church!

Love, Love, Love!

If I miss a Sunday, I don't feel complete.

Crosspoint is full of real people, just trying to figure out their lives and God, and how to live out their lives with God as the driving force.

None of us have it all figured out.

None of us claim to be perfect.

And that's what makes Crosspoing so perfect for me.

We have met so many wonderful people because of Crosspoint.

People we can live our life with together.

I am so thankful to have a wonderful place like Crosspoint to call Home.

Day 12 - College Friends

I spent 6 years in college (I's slightly crazy)!

And do you know what one of the best parts (okay, the best part) of College was for me?

The people I met and the friends I made.

When I think back to college, I don't really think about the classes I went to, what I studied, how I did on tests and careplans, my clinicals, or how I never got out much because I was too busy doing nursing (Okay I guess I think a little about that last one).

But what I do think about is the friends I made.

The people who I shared those experiences with:

My nursing girls:  My gosh, we literally grew up and spent 4 years together practically attached.

My girls I met in the dorms:  Life in our hallways were never dull.  There are times when I miss those days...the whole, walking right out of your room and inevitably being able to walk right next door and watch a movie, or just chat.

Chris' roomies and friends:  You were an extension of Chris, and I love everything about him...including all of you (except maybe one...Yep, definitely the one...)!

All my other College peeps:  Some of you I met in classes, where I worked on campus, or just because you lived down the hall (or upstairs or downstairs as the case may be). 

 I am who I am today because I've know all of you! 

Thanks for sharing AU with me ;0)

Day 11 - Veterans (3 in particular)

My Grandpa

My Dad


Thank you...for the sacrifices you've made to serve this country...and for protecting us all!


  1. So, um, was I that one roommate? 'Cause we can work this out, you know, all Matthew 18 or something style.