Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catching up on Thankfulness

Day 20 - My Sister-in-Laws
I have some of the best sister-in-laws anyone could ever ask for.

We all have quite a few things in common and we have a lot of fun when we're together.

Plus, we all married great men!

Day 19 - LTG friends

I am so thankful for our friends we've made in our life together group. 

Since we've been at Crosspoint we've been in 3 LTG groups.

Some of the group peeps have been the same and some have been new.

But being part of other people's lives and being in community with them has been wonderful for us.  We've learned so much from them.

Lots of laughs and smiles and some tears along the way.

Thanks for all the fun!

Day 18 - Tiki and Silver

I am thankful for our cars.

While they are both 13 years old they still get us everywhere we need to go.

I love my car...her name is Tiki.

I've had her since college, and this summer we thought we were going to have to replace her. 

I was extremely sad and I would have cried if we'd needed to get rid of her.

But thankfully she was just a little sick and so she's still a part of our family!  YAY!

When I met Chris he was driving Bobbo:

But soon after we got married, we realized we needed an SUV.  So Tiki said goodbye to Bobbo and hello to Silver, our Jeep.

I am thankful for Silver because he gets Chris where he needs to go and brings him back home to me every day!

*Side note:  I realized I have no good pictures of our vehicles, only pics when they've been "out of commission".  I will rectify this soon.  ;0)

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