Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 - Chris ;0)

Today (and truly every day) I am thankful for my super awesome and HOT husband, Chris!

The man is just absolutely perfect for me.

He's funny, smart, handsome, HOT, helps me when I need it, listens and doesn't try to fix things (when I preface the conversation with, "I just need you to listen right now."), he helps me with projects at the house (cleaning mainly), he loads my car up whenever I go scrapbooking with friends, etc...etc...

The list could go on forever!

I am just so thankful that the man that God chose to be my husband is Chris.

I couldn't have picked a better person to share my life with.

Sure, we have our ups and downs like all couples.

Sure there are things that we don't agree on...I believe baskets are a necessity, he does not.  He believes you can never have too many speakers, I do believe there can be a max for amount of speakers one person should own.

Sure we are different in many ways...I'm short, he's tall ;0)


We love cooking together, even though we don't get to do it often enough.

We love spending time sitting on the couch catching up on our dvr'ed shows and just chillaxin' together.

We both HATE going to the grocery store.

We both like to play games together.

We both love eating.

We finish each others sentences.

We understand what the other is saying when they start a conversation with their toothbrush in their mouth.

We can look at each other and immediately tell what the other person is thinking in any given situation.

We love each other.

Whole heartedly.

More than the day we met...

more than the day we married each other.

We were made for each other...and I'm so thankful to call him my husband!

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