Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 - Fridays

Today, I'm thankful for Fridays.

Fridays are my third favorite day of the week (Sunday being the 1st, Saturday being the 2nd).

Fridays have many reasons for being grand.

1.  It's the last day of the work week (for me anyways...I know some people work different shifts and jobs that require saturdays or all weekend long working).

2.  Every other Friday is pay day (today isn't pay day...but it's still a good day).

3.  After the work day is over I get to spend the evening and 2 glorious days doing whatever I want...which usually means spending time with those I was thankful for the first 3 days ;0)

I'm sure there are many more reasons...but that's all I got righ now.

Today I'm especially happy it's Friday, because if I had to go to work tomorrow and have another day like today...I may lose my mind.

So Thank you Friday...for being here!!!!!

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