Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 - Duckies

Most of you know that I LOVE ducks! 

They are my favorite (I can't say animal here...just trust me, I can't for a good reason).

Anyway...if you don't know the story of how I came to love ducks so much, here it is.

When I was in 3rd grade I was in the hospital and Heather's 5th grade teacher, Mr. Davis, was dating a nurse at Riley.  He came to pick her up one evening and stopped in to visit me.

Mr. Davis brought me a duck. 

When he handed him to me, he said, "Doesn't he have Sexy Legs?"  and I decided that would be the ducks name.

So Sexy was born...and so was my obsession!

A few years later, I was in the hospital again and my friend Amy brought me a pretty girl duck with a polk-a-dot ribbon around her neck. 

I named her Pretty Beak.

Sexy and Beakster have been married ever since.

Over the years my duck collections has grown and I can say with certainty that I have over 500 duck related items in my possession.

But Sexy and Beakster are by far the closest to my heart.

I realize, that as a 31 year old woman, it probably seems somewhat silly to still have, love on, and sleep with your most prized childhood "toy." 

*Truthfully, I'm lucky to still get to sleep with them, usually Chris tries to steal them from me first, so he can sleep with them.

But, when you grow up in and out of the hospital...there's a part of you that is forced to grow up a little sooner than you really should have to.

There's a responsibility that you have to take on at an age where most of your peers are still lucky enough to just be the kids they are and want to be at the time.

And having that responsibility so early on I think can sometimes make you hold on to some of your childhood and your childish ways a little bit longer than everybody else.

Think what you will about it...but Sexy and Beakster (Sexy in particular) was the cushy friend that I held on to during IV sticks, blood draws, treatments, friendship highs and lows, boyfriend break-ups, and all the other important positives and negatives that have happened in my life. 

If my Mom wasn't home from work yet, my sister and I had a fight, and I had a bad day at school, Sexy was the one that caught my tears.

He was right next to me to comfort my pain and make me smile.

So today I'm thankful for my duckies!

P.S. They're real ;0)

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