Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Days 15 and 16 - The In-laws and H.E.

Day 16 - My Health and Dr. Eigen
Today I am thankful for my health and for Dr. Pulmonologist.

He rocks.

You see, I was diagnosed at 5 days old with Cystic Fibrosis. 

Dr. Eigen has been my doctor from the beginning.

He knows me!

He knows my lungs, my CF, he knows me!

Now, some naysayers in the CF community might not be too keen on the fact that since I'm 31 years old I still see my pediatric Pulmonologists.

To you, I say BOO!

You see, because he's taken care of me from the very beginning and he knows me so well, he knows what works for me and what doesn't.

He knows when my lungs are about to make a decline.

He knows when to push and when to gently nudge.

He knows what to say when it needs to be said.

He listens...My doctor LISTENS to what I have to say about my health.

And he works with me to come up with the best plan of care.  The one that not only keeps me at my optimal health but works with my body and lifestyle.

I don't go to the Adult CF clinic for a multitude of reasons...but the number one reason is because I have the GREATEST Pulmonologist on the planet.

I get the best care possible from Dr. Eigen, and I don't think the adult CF center can meet or excede what I've already got and been given.

I'm healthy today because of him.

I'm alive today because of him.

I have more opportunities in my life because I listened when I should and I learned about my disease and the best way to manage it...from him.

I'm a very lucky girl to have had such wonderful care from such an amazing physician for my entire life.

So I'm thankful today that I'm here.

That I'm healthy.

That I can run up the basement stairs without hacking up my lungs or getting short of breath.

That I have been blessed with the best CF care possible.

I am thankful for my Pulmonologist and all the care that he has shown me and continues to show me.

Day 15 - My In-laws

I have some amazing in-laws.

I have some friends who tell me that I'm lucky, because I get along with my in-laws. 

And ya know what?  They're right.

I love my mother-in-law and father-in-law.  Partly because they raised the man that I married to treat me like a princess (a pretty pretty princess).

He loves and respects me.

He puts the toilet seat down.

He opens doors for me.

He apologizes when he's wrong.

He tells me he loves me every night and every morning.

He does so many things out of love and respect for me...things that my girlfriends have said their husbands don't do for them, and wish they would.

And while some of these things may have been of his own accord to love me as God asks him to do so...I do believe that he also learned how to treat me as a direct result of his upbringing.

I'm thankful that I have in-laws who treated each other well and taught their boys by example how to treat their wives.

Thank you Dan and Karen!

At Mariah's Dedication - My in-laws are the two on the left ;0)

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