Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21 - My Daddy

As I've said before...I was born into the most AMAZING family.

One of the best people in my family is my Dad.

The Tromster, Tommy T., Tromma-rauma, T-Bone, if he were bubble gum he'd be Tromiliscious...I'm weird, sorry...moving on!

Okay one more...

El Capi-Tom ;0)

I'm a Daddy's girl!

And I don't know that I really realized that until right before Chris and I got married.

Am I the only girl that felt like they were leaving their Dad when they got married?

I've always thought  I was closer to my Mom...and I am very close to my Mom, but there's something about the relationship between father and daughter that has this closeness that I just can't describe.

And no matter what happens, it's like there's no way to tear that apart.

I have so many wonderful and vivid memories of my life that include my Dad.

*Heather I'm speaking in first person here, but  I know this all comes from you  too.

Some of my favorite memories of my Dad include:

~Playing softball in the school field behind our house.
~Him coaching me in softball and Basketball.
~ Building us the playhouse
~ Teaching me how to ride a bike
~ Putting my dollhouse together
~Teaching me how to ski
~Pulling us behind the boat tubing (for HOURS)
~Percussing me at night
~ Rolling me up into a ball in his arms
~Judging Heather and my towel folding contests
~ Buying me baseball pants  ;0)
~ Holding my hand in the hospital
~ Moving me in and out of dorms and apartments in college
~ Letting me sit on his lap and cry that wedding plans weren't going as I wanted them too.
~ Walking me down the aisle
~Dancing with me at my wedding
~ Coming with me to the gas station and helping me fill up my tank (located on the opposite side of most cars) after the guy at the pump was mean to me and told me I had to pull in on the opposite side because I was screwing up traffic if I didn't.
~Rescuing me when my car dies and Chris is unable to help at the moment.
~Bringing me Captain D's after I had my kidney stones removed
~ Fixing up the Hoosier Cabinet for me.

The list could go on and on.

I have such an awesome Dad. 

A Dad who will do anything and everything for his family.

He's funny and he has such a giving and loving heart.

He can fix anything!

I don't think it's possible to tell you all the things that are great about my Dad.

I don't think it's possible to tell you all the things I love about him.

But I do, I love my Dad!

Happy Birthday Daddy!  I am so blessed to be your daughter and I thank God for you every day!

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