Thursday, November 29, 2012


Okay, I didn't really win the lottery (I don't even play)...

And I realize that there's a lot of not so great things that can come from winning the lottery...but barring all of those bad things happening, if I had won the lottery, here's the positive side of what I would do.

After taxes it was what, a mere 385 million payout (just enough to live off of for a lifetime)...

1.  Tithe 10% = 38.5 million, but I'll round that puppy up to 40 million (God's blessed us quite a bit, I'd probably give WAY more than that actually).  Crosspoint's permanent home will be built (you're welcome all you peeps on the load-in and load-out teams).

2. I'd give a good chunk to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation...I'm thinking that would help with making the life sustaining drugs and help find a cure for sure. Because there would be so much funding behind the drugs, it would decrease their cost for the consumer (BONUS) so they wouldn't be the most expensive drugs EVER!!!!  You're welcome CF peeps.

3.  Our adoption would be funded, and our non-profit organization to help others fund their adoptions would be funded as well.

4.  The Red Barn Retreat would be built and up and running.

5.  I would put in the rest of the new windows on the house, finish our basement, and add an awesome master suite, complete with HUGE walk-in closet, full bathroom with walk in shower, a scrapbook room for me, and a dj room for Chris with more speakers than he could possibly imagine (this room will also be sound proof ;0) ).

6.  I would buy us new cars.  4 of them to be exact.  2 practical cars for every day use.  A mustang for my Hot Husband, and a corvette for me ;0)

7.  I'd buy a new refrigerator...because I HATE the one I have.  Goodbye 1983 model with immovable shelves!  You know what, I'd probably replace all my appliances...and my kitchen.

8.  I'd pay off the house and student loans.

9.  Our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews would probably get some nice swag!

10.  Chris and I would go on some AMAZING vacations!!!!  We may take some friends and family along for the fun.

11.  I would go to the Container store...I'd probably buy some stuff ;0)  Currently Chris won't allow me to go to that store.  This isn't him being mean, he just knows my illogical LOVE for organizational supplies and is aware that sending me into this place would be like putting a crack whore in a room with all the drugs for the taking.  Come to think of it, he may be even more opposed to me going to the Container store if we'd won the lottery... 

12.  I'd probably still work, but it would be part time...I'd spend the rest of the time doing (insert Napoleon Dynamite here) whatever I want to do...GOSH!

But most of all, first and foremost, I would thank God for the amazing blessing of always providing for us....and giving us so much more than we could ever imagine.

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