Tuesday, November 13, 2012

65 Roses Adult Prom

It's funny how life can make a near complete circle at times...at least when it comes to people you've encountered.

This past weekend we held the first annual 65 Roses Adult Prom (a fundraiser to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis). 

*Note:  In case you didn't know this, many children (and adults, I'm sure, too) have a difficult time pronouncing Cystic Fibrosis, and it comes out sounding like 65 Roses.  There's your little, "you learn something new every day" fact...you're welcome ;0)

July 2011 I was sitting at the entrance to my garage, with my lovely little sister, reading my facebook feed when I was invited to an event to raise money for super cute Boston.  I click, I start reading, I'm curious because I do not recognize the name of the person that invited me  AT ALL.  Come to find out, MY high school junior prom date is Boston's Dad, and Boston was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. 

What the?

So I immediately sent Josh a message to let him know that if there's anything they need or if they want someone to talk to (who lives out life with CF every stinkin day) to definitely hit me up.

Schedules got in the way but we were all finally able to get together in December.  We had a lovely dinner at Applebee's and chatted for hours...and so began the reconnect for he and I, my hot husbands new found friendship with Josh, and my new found friendship with his amazing wife Ashley.

Fast forward to this summer, and Josh and Ashley call us up and are all, "We want to do an adult prom to raise moolah for CF.  AND we want you two in on the planning of it.  Oh yeah, and we have like 3 months to plan it!" 

Our hard work paid off. 

Prom went off smashingly, and we had around 125 people show up, eat, dance, take silly pics, and raise money to help make CF stand for Cure Found!

Here's Josh and Ashley:

Here's my super HOT husband and me:

We completely spaced and didn't recreate the prom photo of Josh and I from Junior Prom (Ashley and I are kicking ourselves for that one).  Next time, FO SHO!!!!

But as much fun as Junior prom was, I must say, I enjoyed my Adult Prom date a whole lot more (sorry Josh, NO ONE can compare to Chris)!

Josh informed me yesterday that although I didn't win prom Queen, I did win Prom Princess.  I didn't get a crown, but an excerpt from my last blog post was the whole inside of the prom program (next to a pic of Boston, my friend Dawn, and one of me), so I do feel a bit special.  I can live without the crown I guess (at least for this year) ;0)

*A special thanks to Claire Olvey Photography and Jen D with Budget Florist for being so tremendously awesome and donating your time, energy and services to the prom.  Your support means the world to me.  Mwah!

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