Friday, December 21, 2012

Things I learned this week

~ I have one of the BEST life together groups EVER!!!!

~ Coughing fits are scarey...when you have to poop!

~  Even when I have less people to buy Christmas presents for, I still find myself frantically searching for at least one gift at the last minute.

~  "While You Were Sleeping" by Casting Crowns is one of my all time favorite songs...Christmas time or not.

~  I am SO over paperwork!

~  My Dad is the most amazing Dad in the world!

~  I don't like Chris to say "Hey Jack" to me.  #duckdynasty

~ People who have never been through the adoption process and/or have the capability of having children biologically, have NO idea how hurtful their words can be to people like me.

~  After 8 years + of marriage, Chris still doesn't really like old stuff (thankfully he doesn't consider me "old").

~  Lung function cannot be guesstimated...and even if you feel fine, it can still be down :0(

~  My Pulmonologist LOVES me (he told me so)...I love him too (that part I already knew).

~  The school staff needs Christmas Break (and every other break we get) more than any of the students do.

~  My God is bigger than any problem I will ever have...I have to remind myself of this Every single day!


  1. I hope the adoption process is going well! Praying for you guys to get the chance to be the best parents to a sweet little boy or girl!

  2. hopefully those people with the hurtful words mean well, and just don't say it right. :( Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers for the adoption process!
    Enjoy your break!