Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hilton Head

I never really blogged about our summer vacation, did I?
I guess sometimes life is just so busy and crazy...and then other things are stuck on my mind (and the best way to get them out are to blog about them) that I just moved right on past vacay.

So sorry if you were all salivating at the thought of seeing our vacation photos.

So for you photo crazy blog readers...here is a blog full of pics.

In mid July Chris and I, along with our fabulous friends, Dan and Kristin, headed down to Hilton Head. 

We left LATE Friday evening so that we would arrive around 12 the next day.  *There are no pictures of the drive down because I slept most of the time ;0) 

 But you will all be very jealous (I'm sure) of the fact that WE got to sit at the Cracker Barrel round table (you know, the one that you and your 7 closest family and/or friends always hope to get when you arrive after church, but never can get seated at because it's ALWAYS filled...yep, that one). 

Why you ask did a party of 4 get to sit at the exclusive round table??????  That would be because we OPENED the Cracker Barrel.  We arrived before the rooster crowed, right when they opened their doors.  We were the first customers in and got our pick of the tables.  And let me tell you, it was everything we dreamed it could be and more.  YUM!

We rented a condo with a 5 minute walk to the beach.

Where we spent a majority of our time...

Dan and Kristin

Yours truly

The HOT hubby..."DINO TIME" with the sand scoops

Beth (my ducky tattoo), she enjoyed the water running over her ;0)

If we were'nt at the beach, we were most likely eating...
This was the first night after we took naps ;0)

This was our dressy night.
*Please ignore the fact that it appears as though I have nothing covering my chest but a large hot pink flower!

See, I wasn't inappropriate.

The White Reese Cup donut from Flamingo's Donut Cafe

We took a day trip to Savannah and visited Paula Deen's restaurant.
Best meal we had all week!
Dan and Kristin after the amazing yumminess that was Lady and Son's Restaurant

Gooey Butter Cake...it was a party in my mouth and I could have had 15 more pieces except my belly already appeared as though I was having triplets after the mass amounts of food I had eaten prior to this...*I bought the recipe though ;0)

Some other exciting things we did while in Savannah:

We went to an Antique Mall...

This 1918 US Navy Diving Helmet was priced at $9,800.00

We visited a Plantation...

But the drive was as far as we got, they were closing for the day :0(

We visited Old Fort Jackson...

But they were closing too...so we got a few pics of the outside.

We walked around Forsyth Park and saw some GORGEOUS historic Savannah Homes...

My Favorite!

Other exciting vacay visions and experiences:

Tandem Bikes ;0)  Though I never got a picture of us on them ;0( BOO!

Shiv's..located in the heart of Savannah...hahaha

"Shark Bite, Ooh Ooh Ah"
Yes, I was attacked by a shark...listen, I'm part of an elite group! 

GHETTO Turbi-twist

I move my body like a Cyclone

Rum Covered Pineapple

Red Black

The Sunrise

I miss it!

Wish you were here!

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  1. Looks like an amazing trip! I loved Hilton Head! :)