Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just Me and My Sister

For those of you who don't sister, brother-in-law, 2 of my nephews (between Chris and I, we have 10 neices and nephews and one on the way) moved to Indiana mid January.

Heather and I are a little over 2 years apart. Growing up we didn't always get along (as many of you probably understand, if you do have a sibling).

When she went off to college...things changed. Apparently I wasn't the annoying younger sister anymore...

Okay, I wasn't the "as annoying" younger sister anymore...

Okay, I'm hoping I wasn't as annoying, but only she knows for sure. Let's just go with it.

Anyways, we started to hang out a little more, and a couple years after I went to college she moved to Ohio and got married, started having kids (they're precious by the way)...and life moved on.

When they moved to Louisville, Shawn was gone on business the first week in their new house, so I went down and spent a few days with Heather and the boys, helping her unpack. I loved this. It was the first time we'd really spend a good amount of time together, just the two of us (plus Killian and Keegan of course) in I don't know how long.

Just thinking of those days warms my heart.

I can't imagine, going through this life, without my sister.

And now, she's 7 doors down from me (this is not an exaggeration, I counted before they moved in).

I'll be honest...when I found out they were moving so close, I was a little nervous.

Will we drive each other crazy?

Will we hang out all the time?

Will we ever hang out? I mean so many of her friends from home are still in this area, will she ever want to spend time with me?

Will this make our relationship stronger? Will we become closer?

Will this be the last straw and finally make Mom and Dad admit that she's the favorite?

Then they were here...

...and every one of my fears, has been dissolved.

We've talked more, since she moved back, than we did when she lived a state away...and it's not that there's more to say...we just do!

We've talked about things that we have in common, that I wonder if we ever knew we had in common before.

We've shared hopes for our families, that we've never had a chance (or taken the time) to share before.

She probably doesn't know this, but a huge part of why I am the Christ following woman that I am today, is because of her example.

I treasure my sister...and the moments we get to share together, the memories that tie us together, and the memories we have yet to make.

I hope she knows that I'm always here if she needs me.

...and that no matter what, I love her more than she'll ever possibly know.

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