Sunday, January 31, 2010

A no good, very bad, horrible week!

I had a few horrible days at work this past week...

Why is it, that everthing seems to go crazy all at the same time, and for no fault of your own (I don't mean to place blame) but it just ends up that you're week goes straight down the toilet.

I'm a nurse, I work in an outpatient clinic, and I love my patients, I love my co-workers (well...most of them), but there are times that I hate my job.

I know I'm lucky to have a job (frankly, being a nurse kinda means I'm guaranteed job security) but even people who absolutely LOVE their job, have days that don't go quite as smoothly as others. Days when they want to rip their hair out, and run screaming from the building.

That was me...Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this past week. I get annoyed that some people can't separate their frustrations in their personal life, and let the line blur into their work life. I know, I know...realistically every part of our lives interlocks into each other, and the ability to push one thing aside, and essentially "turn it off" just doesn't and isn't going to happen. But there are times that even though something is bothering you in one area of your life, you shouldn't let it affect another area to the degree that if affects EVERYONE else you come in contact with.

I'm a nurse (I realize I already mentioned this), my job is to help people, heal them...but let's face it...I'm not God, I don't have all powers to heal someone of Leprosy, or any other horrible disease. Believe that if I did have those powers, Chris wouldn't have Diabetes, I wouldn't spend 4 hours of my day doing breathing treatments (neither would Nicole, or Fritz).

I guess I'm telling you this because, I'm not perfect...far from it actually. But I just want you to know that I try my best...I do what I can. But when I work with you, and someone you love, is hurting or sick, and you can't fix's unrealistic to assume that everyone else you work with is inturn going to be able to "cure" everyone our clinic comes in contact with.

*Steps off soap box

So after, my horrible first 3 days, things started looking up.

I got to spend time with 2 of my favorite women (Barbie and Jenn), scrapping on Friday night....and Saturday, Chris and I went and played Laser tag.

We walked in and it was like a flash back...I had to look down at my clothes and make sure I wasn't wearing pegged jeans with 2 colors of gitano socks, and made sure that my hair wasn't crimped. We were the only people in the place, aside from the parents that brought their kids, that were over the age of 20...I asked Chris if we were magically under 21 again, and unable to enter an establishment that sells tastey beverages...because this was obviously the place for this age range to hang out on a Saturday night.

If you saw my facebook status last night, you'll recall that I was not at all happy after the first game. Let me refresh your memory: here's what it said "playin laser tag...I'm about to punch some lil 15y.o. in the throat if he doesn't stop following me!"

This kid was cocky as all get out, and annoyed the heck outta me. In laser tag, when you get shot, your vest goes black for about 5 seconds and you can't shoot anybody. This kid would hit me, and then follow me, so as soon as I was able to shoot again, he'd hit me again. This was round one.

Then came Round Two!!!!

Brandon (one of our friends) went with us, and he and I found a place to team up and take out as many people as we could...cocky boy, with his striped hoodie, only passed my gun line once (yes, he got hit, and was rendered unable to shoot for 5 seconds thereafter - he didn't even see it coming)...however his equally annoying girlfriend, with her striped sweater, mini skirt, and brown ugg boots (that didn't match her black and grey attire) crossed my path about 50,000 times...down she went...

Every time her vest came back active, down she went again (maybe she should have moved from the center of the playing field rather than just stand still for 15 minutes). I'm pretty certain that by this time, Cocky boy was fearing for his life, and was quite possibly afraid that he would never make it to see the day when he could drive his own car without having to have a person over the age of 18 ride with him.

All in all, we played 3 games and I had the highest percent of accuracy of our team for games 2 and 3...

I think Brandon put it best: "MVP of the night goes to...Holly E. who maintained the highest accuracy for the winning team 2 of the 3 games. We lost alot of good men out there...but holly made sure they lost more. "

Perfect ending to a no good, very bad, horrible week.

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