Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Update on the process

I'm sorry it took me a few weeks to update you on our Home Visit...

Today was the first day of School (for students, I've been back in my office a few days), so I've been a smidge busy getting the end of summer tied up, hobbling along on my still healing foot, and getting prepared for the start of another school year.

Our home visit went well.

We answered the same questions we'd already answered twice, AGAIN.

Chris gave her a tour of our home (I wasn't walking very well yet when she came).

It was nothing like we were expecting...

I mean, they told us they weren't going to come in wearing a white glove and check for dust on furniture.

And to be honest, with my undiagnosed OCD, I (Chris does a great job as well) keep the house picked up pretty well.

But, Chris said she didn't even step off the last step when he showed her the basement, and she barely set one foot into each room when he took her down the hall.

Now, I know we have no major safety concerns going on in our house.  I didn't worry that she was going to walk in and say, "OH my gosh, there is no way on earth I'm going to permit a child in this home."  But I figured she'd at least walk into the rooms and look around a bit. 

Whatever, it's done, it went well, and as of last Friday we received an email that our whole Home study was approved!

WOO HOO!!!!!

What does that mean?

It means that once we get our last few background checks done, and turn in those papers, sign off on the home study and send in a check, we are active.

Active = our biography (which turned out SUPER CUTE by the way) will be shown to possible birth moms.

And then we'll get picked...hopefully soon.

Let's face it, we're pretty awesome.  How could we not get picked soon?  ;0)

So that's the scoop.

Please continue to pray...

Pray for:

1. Us: We know a lot of people who have gone through this process.  We know it can have ups and downs, and the waiting part can be one of the hardest parts.  And we know that some parts of the process can strain a relationship.  So just pray for us and the continued process to go smoothly, with as few bumps as possible.

2. The birth mom:  Again, we don't know her yet, and she may just be finding out she's pregnant, or she may have been struggling with this decision for a while.  Whatever the case may be, we know that God is present in the situation, even if she isn't aware of his presence.

3.  That God will continue to provide the money to help us fund our adoption.  We are being very choosey about what we say we will do/be a part of/spend money on right now.  We know we have to tighten our budget some, and we know God will provide for what we need.  We have some fun(d)-raisers coming up soon, and I'll let you know as those approach what they are...but until then, I'm still scrapbooking to raise money, and I'm still willing to do other crafty projects for people as well. 

 I'll try to keep you updated as soon as we go active.

Thanks for all of your support.

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  1. First of all, CONGRATS! We are super excited for you guys.

    Second, why must perfectly sane and capable people be put through such hoops when other idiots get to squirt out kids and collect money from the gov't. Yeesh.