Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arteriosclerosis I do NOT have!

Today's been one of those days that stretches my faith. 

Sometimes it's hard to believe in the decency of God's people when you encounter those who, by the way they treat you, make it clear that they are not people of God. 

 Even outside of whether you are or are not a Christ follower, there is still such a thing as treating others with dignity and respect. 

I may not always be in the happiest of moods, I may have a bad day or be frustrated, but I hope I never make another person feel the way I was made to feel today, or speak to another person the way I was spoken to.  And if I ever do, I hope I have the decency to tell them that I was wrong in doing so, apologize, and tell them that in no way did they ever deserve for me to treat them like they were nothing. 

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  1. Sorry, Holly. I hope tomorrow is better for you!