Thursday, June 30, 2011

Right now, at this moment...

It's obviously been a while since I've blogged...and it's almost been equally as long since I've caught up on the blogs I follow.

I was looking over some of them just now, and saw an old post on one that was about what that person was thinking, doing, feeling, etc, right at that moment.  I thought it seemed quite interesting, and decided that since I didn't really have a specific blog post in mind, but knew that I hadn't blogged in a while (so of course the probably 2 people who regularly read my blog ;0) are most likely super annoyed) so I need to, I will blog about my "right now" happenings.

Right now...

~ I am waiting on my super awesome husband to get home from work, or to call me and let me know if we're participating in Thirsty Thursday!

~ I'm missing my Grandma W.  In one of my old posts I had mentioned how last Christmas was the first one without made my heart ache :0(

~ I'm hungry... ;0)  Sheila, the fat girl inside me (in case you weren't aware that she now has a name), has not been fed in quite a few hours!

~ I'm excited about our upcoming vacation with D & K!  We'll soon be on a beach, visiting wineries (hopefully), relaxing, eating yummy food, and no doubt laughing often.

~ I am happy that summer school is over at Hamilton Heights.

~ I'm a little nervous about second session at Noblesville tomorrow.

~ I am sad that it took me so long to update my's a little odd too, since I've had more time at home since school got out.

~ I am stoked that after reading over my 2011 Hopes post I have stuck to many of my hopes for the year, and am moving right along.

~ I should be unloading the dishawasher and folding laundry...but that's not fun ;0)

~ I wish that we were going to the lake this weekend...

~ I want to water ski!

~ I don't want to replace Tiki!  I love her and will cry if we do.

~ I LOVE my husband! ...

~ I hope he didn't spend a ton of money on fireworks.

~ Just got off the phone with him...

~ I'm pretty sure he spent a ton of money on fireworks.

...Game over

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  1. Hope you had a fabulous "thirsty Thursday!" ;)