Thursday, May 12, 2011

A "Funk"

“The heart of Psalm 63 says, “Give me a thirst and a hunger for You, God. Not just a discipline. Give me an ache and a longing to know You, to be with You, to abide in You always.” ~Beth Moore from: A Woman and Her God

I’ve been in a bit of a “funk” lately…which may explain the fact that it’s taken me so long to update my blog.

I don’t mean a “funk” with work or home. Because honestly things have been going relatively good lately.

We’ve been revisiting our Craziness at Crosspoint.

A year ago we did a Crazy campaign to move forward with finding a permanent space for Crosspoint. So a year later we’re revisiting that and looking at how Crazy we were and are for God.

This past week Curt spoke about us being Hot/Cold or Lukewarm.

God wants us to be Hot or Cold…He says if we’re lukewarm for Him he’ll spit us out.


Ya know how sometimes you sit in service and you’re thinking, “Man I really wish _______ was here. They REALLY need to hear this!” ? This week I was thinking how glad I was that I was right there where I needed to be.

I NEEDED to hear this message.

Until sitting there in that seat with my yummy coffee in hand, I hadn’t really realized the “funk” I was in.

Things had been off…I knew that much.

But what?

What was it that wasn’t fitting or connecting in my life?

Sitting there, listening to Curt talk about how God wants us to be Hot or Cold really sunk in. I want to be Hot for God.

I’m not purposely setting out to be lukewarm or cold…but I just am.

I’ve had moments in my life, like anyone else, where I feel so incredibly connected to and close to God.

I’m HOT!

I’m on fire for Him!

I see his beauty and work in everything around me!

And then there are times like now.

When I’m in a funk.
I’m stuck in a round-a-bout!

I can’t seem to get in the outer lane to get to my exit.

Monday at LTG we were asked the question of what we’re going to do this week to get out of our round-a-bout.

I didn’t answer because in my head I was thinking, “Good gracious, if I knew how to get out of this round-a-bout I’m in I would’ve done it already!!!!!”

We’ve been getting ready for the State Rd 38 garage sale. Last week Chris and I were going through the bookcase and pulling books out that we are ready to part with. There were two books on the shelf that I decided I’m ready to sell but realized there were quite a few dog-eared pages.

*As I read books if a quote jumps out at me I dog-ear the bottom of the page. When I’m finished reading the book I go back and write down those quotes in my Quote book notebook.

Apparently I never wrote down the quotes from these books. No big deal…I took them and my Quote book notebook to work with me on Tuesday.

As I’m flipping through these pages, writing these quotes down, I’m realizing that a lot of these words that jumped out at me when I initially read these books are striking me again.
They are exactly what I need to hear.

So here I am…round-a-bout bound.

Searching for my exit.

Trying desperately to get into that outer lane.

Horribly tired of hearing the clicking of my turn signal!

Pissed off at the idiot (Satan) who’s taking up that whole outer lane.


I look up into my rearview mirror.

God’s there!

He’s right behind me.

He’s been following me.

Chasing after me.

Seeking me.

I look to my right

there’s an opening in that outer lane.

I move over, and just ahead…

I see my Exit!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I've felt the same way for a long time. What was the book you read that helped you si much?