Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tattoo's and such...

In case you weren't aware...

I got a new tattoo!

...and I LOVE IT!!!!!

The more I look at it, the more I love it!  Which, as Chris said, is a good thing.  I'd rather love it more, than look at it each time and think, "hmmm...maybe this wasn't such a grand idea."

This is my second tattoo.  The first one, Chris got me for my birthday a few years ago...

Isn't it cute?  Okay, isn't it cute for me?

Her name is Beth (yes, I named her...actually, my old co-worker did)!

I've never understood those people who walk into a tattoo shop and look at pictures on the wall and say, "Yeah...that BIG scorpion...that would look AWESOME on my hand! I'll get that one." For me, if something's going to be on my body, for all of ENTERNITY...it has to mean something to me.

Obviously, she means something to me! 
~ I love ducks!
~ I'm a nurse!
~ The cross on the hat, is not like a red cross, but it's a crucifix...because I'm a Christ follower.

If you had told me, when I was in highschool,  that before my 31st birthday, I would have 2 tattoos, I would have thought you were crazy.  Not because I thought there was something wrong with having tattoos...but it just didn't seem like something for me.

I don't really remember when I decided I wanted a tattoo, but once I found "Beth" I was hooked.  Chris made me wait a few years...I think he thought it was a fleeting idea, and I'd get over it, but I didn't.

So being the BEST HUSBAND EVER (as he naturally is).  He took me for my tattoo.

As they say, once you get one, you're hooked, and you want more.

About a year ago, at church, the teaching was about us being ONE with God.  Curt (our Pastor) passed out stickers with "One" written in Hebrew.  Up until this point, I hadn't really had the itch for another tattoo...but when those stickers were passed out, and I had just heard the teaching and was able to relate to it, as well as be moved so much by it...I got the itch. 

Now, I know, for those of you that saw a picture of my second tattoo on facebook, you're thinking..."Holly, that's not what your second tattoo is." 

It's true, it's not.  I do still plan on getting "one" in Hebrew...I'm just waiting until the summer.  You see, when I got Beth, it was in the summer, so I was able to wear flip flops...which was much appreciated because for the first few days, she was a little tender on top.  I'm wanting "One" on the side of my left foot...and while I had planned to get it this past Saturday as well, I decided keeping my tender foot stuck in boots and shoes, was not going to be all that much fun. 

So, without further ado (is that how you spell that?), I present to you, the acquiring of my second tattoo...

My friend Becca was wanting a tattoo, so she and I went together.

My empty canvas ;0)

Placing the transfer...

I had told Jeremy (my tattoo guy) that I wanted "Breathe" but aside from wanting it kind of scrolly, I didn't know what font.  So he drew it up for me, and I loved it.

Here we go...it wasn't that bad (I didn't think)...Becca felt differently about hers.

Here's the finished product...

Here it is today...after a few days tattoos kind of scab over and peel off.  It hasn't done that yet, but once it does, I'll post what it looks like.  I wanted it to not be "Bam, here I am." So it's in a fleshy kind of color.

Becca got an AWESOME tattoo as well...I won't be stealing her idea, but I do love why she got it.

Here are our tattoos together...

Hers is the chinese symbol for "Surrender."

Obviously..."Breathe" means a lot to me. If you haven't read my first Blog post, it will give you some insight (if you didn't already know) of why this word is so special to me.  You can read my first blog post here...

And such...

Real quick...I just wanted to thank you all for the sweet comments about my blog.  I enjoy getting my thoughts out, and I'm happy to know that others enjoy reading them.

Also, Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts that were sent up yesterday.  I had both my kidney stones (I had one in each kidney and because they were already going in to take the one out of the right kidney, they just took the one out of the left one too) surgically removed.  I'm doing well, and will go back to work tomorrow.  A HUGE thank you to Chris...he's done such a GREAT job of taking care of me...it just further reiterates the fact that he's the BEST HUSBAND EVER.  Also, Thanks to my Dad for bringing me Captain D's for lunch today...BEST DAD EVER!  I am so very blessed!


  1. Love your blog, Holly! I was praying for you yesterday. Glad everything went well.