Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm feeling a little better!

As I mentioned last time, I had kidney surgery to remove 2 kidney stones, one from each kidney.

What I didn't mention was how horrific I felt after it was all over. 

Let me explain, because the day I wrote my last blog entry was the day after my surgery.  I was at home resting/relaxing...and I think the fact that I was at home doing this, was part of why the day seemed to not be such a bad day. 

I went back to work the next day (Wednesday).  Wednesday was HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There's just no other way to describe it.  Tuesday I had happy hydrocodone to keep me feeling gooooooood....Wednesday I had Tylenol.

Did you hear me?


I don't think it helped that I had 5 kids sitting in my office when I arrived at work, and that I proceeded to see 23 prior to 10:30, and sent 8 of them home!

I didn't get to go to the bathroom until 10:30am. 

I had stents placed in my Ureters after surgery.  The ureters (in case you don't know) are the tubes from your kidneys to your bladder.  With stents in, you feel like you have to pee every 5 seconds...wait, it's sooner than that, let's just go with ALL THE TIME!

Not only do you feel like you have to pee all the time, and you don't, but when you do actually have urine in your bladder, it's like 2 drops (if you're lucky).

So here I am, painful kidneys, ureters, and bladder, along with the feeling of having to pee, and tylenol (it doesn't even deserve to be capitolized at this point) and kids in and out of my office all morning.

My evening was much better...again, I think because I was home.

Thursday was a little better, and I think it's because...good Lord, if I could get through Wednesday, I can get through anything.

But Thursday night at home was kind of like (pain-wise) my Wednesday morning...we flip flopped.  

Friday I just felt like the pain in my kidneys were doing the Cha Cha Slide...

Slide to the left (kidney)
Slide to the right (kidney)

All day, it was just pain back and forth!

Saturday I got up late, and went in the living room and basically passed out on the couch.  We did go to Mom and Dad's for dinner and then to the Lapel/Pendleton boys basketball game that night at Pendleton.  Sorry Dawgs...better luck next time!  I felt okay most the evening.

Sunday morning I woke up and just felt ick!  I hurt, and I just didn't feel good.  I don't even know how to describe it, but Chris made me bacon and I only ate half of what he made me.



Holly is not feeling good if she doesn't eat ALL the bacon in sight!

After church, we came home and I literally passed out on the couch from 1pm to 8pm.  I just could not stay awake!

While sleeping I was starting to get hot fever, just get real hot and sweaty for about 20 minutes and then be done.

This happened all night!

Monday I took my temp at work and had a low grade fever...

FOR REAL????????

Exactly what I need right stents are to come out tomorrow and I have a fever????

I called the urologists office and they said to keep an eye on it.

I was able to keep it down and pretty much normal the rest of the night.

Then Tuesday came!!!

YAY for Tuesday!  Today I get my stents out.

Heather drove me so that I could take a "happy pill" as Chris likes to call my hydrocodone.

I get called back...Heather holds my hand, and they pull out my stents.


When I was told they would place stents in my ureters...I was expecting small stents
like heart stents.

Silly Holly...

This is what they pulled out of my ureters!!!!!


I immediately felt better! 


Since then I've only had a few days where my kidneys were still hurting a little, but not near like they did with those 8 inch long tubes inside them.

However, the last few days I've developed more of a cough and some chest tightness. 

I was supposed to do a Fix 'N' Freeze with Mom and Heather yesterday, but chose to stay home and rest.

I went to bed at 9:00pm.

I haven't coughed much at all today, and this has been the first day this week, that I've come home and not wanted to immediately lay down and take a nap.

Also, my appetite is back!  (I think I lost a few pounds over this last week) YAY for 16oz steaks!

I even did a happy dance before leaving work today (I'd gotten another immunization record in that I was waiting on) and it didn't make me cough, or short of breath!!!!

I hope these are all good signs!

Chris and I are staying in for the night and relaxing.

I have a scrap day at Robyn's shop tomorrow, and I hope with the extra rest tonight that I'll still be able to go.  Chris and I are going to decide later on tonight, or early tomorrow morning!

I have a tendency to push myself, especially when I feel good.  Then I feel bad when I have to miss out on things because I'm sick.

There's a balance to be found with this somewhere....right?

Hmm...I guess I just have to find it!

On another note:

I sent this picture to my Mom:

I told her this was my vision/inspiration for my next ink job!

She and I decided that I should get "M.O.B." on my stomach and "CASH MONEY" on my chest.

Change it up...because no one wants to look EXACTLY like someone else!  hahaha


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  1. Glad you are feeling better, Holly. Don't know how anyone could feel well with those freakin' stents in you! Hopefully you will continue to recover well.