Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Many Happenings of the Elliott Household

I realize I've been a bit absent here lately...sorry about that. It's just that the last few months have been packed full with all kinds of things.
...and so begins this post!

I'd like to begin by saying that Chris and I are soooo blessed! For many reasons: Our Faith, Family, Friends, Health (this kinda makes me giggle when you consider that I have CF and he has Diabetes...but none-the-less it's true), Jobs, etc...

April was Crazy
...and by Crazy, I mean CRAZY!!!!  So CRAZY that even now, I only have time to give you a smidgen of info about what happened during the month...I can't even get to May!

Bonus:  I learned how to uploads pics to my blog!
It began with my trip to Michigan (for a genetics conference), where I got the chance to visit the Michigan Elliott's (let me explain...Chris is the youngest of 4 boys, all the guys and their families are scattered in a straight line up I-69 starting with us in Lapel, and ending with the Michigan clan). Sadly...we hadn't seen them since way before Christmas (don't ask me to pinpoint the time frame...I haven't the foggiest idea, and feel bad enough about that as is) so I delivered Christmas presents to the kids (the adults draw names, and neither of us had each other).

It was so good to see the kids. The little ones have come out of their shells, and it warmed my heart when Isaac climbed up on my lap to sit with his Aunt Holly!

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post of the kiddos, I haven't moved those pics to the computer yet.

I was "up north" beginning Wednesday the 14th to Friday the 17th. When I got home Friday night, I frantically cleaned what I could with huge anticipation and excitement for the arrival of 2 of my favorite people on the planet.
Meet the Clemons..aka: The 2nd Cutest Couple on Campus...Chris and I are the Cutest :)

Saturday was a busy day preparing for Saturday night...Chris and My 30th Birthday Party!!!

You heard that right...Chris and I turn 30 this year (he already has, I have 19 more days)!
We had a throw back, rollerskating birthday party, at the Anderson Roll Arena.

Check out our cakes (Thanks Mom and Dad): 

...AND, to make it even more fun, we asked for no gifts, but donations for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!!! Yayer!

Sexy Legs and Pretty Beak were responsible for keeping an eye on the money, and making sure that everyone got their "Holly's Hope" bracelet as they came in the door.

Killian and Keegan made special shirts for our birthday party:

The party was a BLAST...Thank you everyone who came, and everyone who donated for the walk-a-thon!!!  We really appreciate your support!!!

After the party, we caravanned to our house for a bonfire!

When the bonfire fizzled, the few people that stayed moved inside with us, we began playing Drinko (like plinko, only you drink the shot your chip goes into), and the party continued from was a good birthday.

Kevin, you did a great job of making sure the party ran good!  I'm so proud of you!


Heads up peeps...
CF Walk is this Saturday, May 15, 2010 at the James A. Dillon Park in Noblesville.  Registration begins at 9am, Walk starts at 10am.
Hope to see you there!

*I plan to update you on our vacation to Myrtle Beach soon!

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