Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Right Now...

~ I'm sitting in Starbucks, waiting on Bert Gert's family visit to get over, so we can go home and go to sleep.

~ I'm feeling so blessed to be this sweet baby girls Mom, for as long as God allows me to be.

~ I can't wait to pick her up and see her smiling and waving excitedly that I'm there.

~ I keep replaying in my head, when the supervisor came and got her, and she turned around, looked at me quizically, and then smiled and waved at me...her way of saying, "I'll miss you!"

~ I'm hoping my HOT husband is feeling much better.

~ I can't wait for TOBI inhaled powder to go on the market so I can say "Good Riddance and good bye" to TOBI (via nebulizer) FOR-EV-ER!

~ I can't believe it's been almost a month that Bert Gert has been in our home.

~ I wish my HOT husband was here with me.

~ I'm glad it's Wednesday night and I only have 2 more days to work this week.

~ I'm thanking God...for the blessings in my life...and I'm recognizing that He is the one who has provided me with such a wonderful life.

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