Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Stuff

Just thought I'd post a few fun things that we've been up to this month!

I can't believe April is already almost over.  This is when the busy part of our year starts...and to be honest, it really doesn't slow down until about January 1st the next year.  Good gracious.

Spring Break was the first week in April.

We went to Madison for a few days and hung with D&K.

When we got home we did some work around the house.

I visited my Pookster and FINALLY got to meet Alli and Ben

Roommates and Wombmates!  (Yes, this will be the title for the scrapbook page) ;0)

We spent two whole days working on our front flower bed.  Now we know why we put it off so long. 


The ducks help I mean they sat there (inside) and looked gorgeous:

Go Husband:

Lots of digging:


For those of you wondering...NO, we are not available for hire.  If something ever happens to the flower bed we will pay for it to be redone. 

By far...I think my favorite April event was celebrating Chris and his Birthday.

After all, life just wouldn't be the same if he wasn't ever born.


So, I did something festive that I found on pinterest (woo hoo, all those hours of pinning are not for nothing).

Here it is:

Chris turned 32, so  I did 32 balloons and attached to them were 32 pictures of memories we wouldn't have ever had together if he was never born.

He LOVED it...but I think he loved the turn tables I got him more ;0)

I love my hubby!

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