Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"I could make that!"

So whenever my sister and Mom and I go to a craft show or we're in a store, there's one phrase that is inevitably uttered from one or all three of our mouths.

"I could make that!"

And we could.  We just haven't...yet.

I've become obsessed with Pinterest!

Seriously...there's so many great ideas on there. 

O'Connell Creations needs to be relaunched because I believe we will become millionaires selling what we can make from Pinterest.

Ummm...I guess that would involve actually making the things we find on Pinterest...but it could happen.

Tonight I'm trying out a recipe I found on Pinterest.  And my next menu plan is going to be based entirely off of recipes I've found on Pinterest.

I do plan on making many of the household cleaning agents that I've found recipes for.

I haven't had any mod podge for crafting in years...and good gracious, it's so expensive to buy, so I do plan on making that.

I have a million of old t-shirts just waiting to be made into scarves or something super festive I've found a tutorial on.

I can't wait to get our front porch built and the back patio done so I can make the really neat porch swing and outdoor benches.

I've found some really neat ideas for decorating the Red Barn Retreat.

When Chris and I decide to add to our family, there's some really cute baby ideas I've found.  Or I can just use them for my neices and nephews.

I'm really excited to go on some new dates with my super Hot husband...all thanks to Pinterest ideas of keeping the romance alive (brown chicken, brown cow)!

I've already learned how to finally do my hair...why didn't anyone tell me I wasn't using my root lifter right before?!?!?!?!?!

You see...I can be a stylish, loving, crafy, adorably decorated homeowner, maniac...

All because of Pinterest and four simple words...

"I could make that!"

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  1. brown chicken brown cow!!! hahaha!! love it! :)
    p.s. I'm obsessed with pinterest too, and have only done one thing so far, which is make cake stands for the wedding. I need to get going on making things!!