Sunday, January 29, 2012

Completely Random Facts

Most of you know me pretty well...but since I post my blog updates on Facebook, who knows how many people I'm not aware of that actually read my blog. So, I thought I'd give you some random tidbits about me ;0)

*Warning: This post contains MANY seriously nerdy facts about me...most of which I am very proud of. Please don't mock me for them.
1. I love making "to do" lists - to be more specific, I love crossing things off the "to do" list. I watched a movie once (I think it was one of the lifetime original movies) where a male actor had a pda and made his "to do" list on it and the female actress commented to him about the inability to cross off things on his list when using a pda (I believe you just click a box next to the "to do" and it disappears)...and that was why she wouldn't ever get one. This obviously resonated with me, because I'm the same way. Part of the excitement, for me anyway, of finishing my task is that I then get to cross the task off my list. Wanna know something even more nerdy about me? Sometimes I write things down on my list that I've already done, for the sheer fact that I then get to cross it off.

2. I'm not good at printing out pictures on a regular basis (hmm...maybe this should be one of my hopes). I tend to only print pictures out when I'm going on a big scrapbook retreat or having a crop with my girlfriends. Which means, I then have to spend 3-4 evenings going through pictures on the computer, uploading them, putting them in my cart, then editing/cropping them, actually ordering them, and then go pick them up. Ugh, I'm tired just thinking about the process. I'd still have to do all of that...but if I ordered one or two months worth of pictures at a time, as opposed to what I did this week (which was order all of 2011 at once...I am excited about the 750+ pics to be delivered to me soon) the process wouldn't take nearly as long, and I wouldn't stress so much when prepping for my scrap retreats because most of my pictures would already be right in front of me. *For the record, I ordered all of 2011 at once because Snapfish is doing there 99prints for 99cents deal...which is WAY cheaper that what it would cost me to get my pics throughout the year like I usually do.

3. I'm EXTREMELY organized. I believe I've mentioned this before...about how I have some ridiculous OCD tendencies (especially when it comes to being organized). Case in closet:

Things are all hung in like order (short one colored shirts are all together and organized by color, same with the long-sleeved one color shirts, t-shirts that can be worn to work are together, then the other t's, then skirts, then dresses.
NERD ALERT: I even organized my scarves and belts.
*Yes, my closet always looks like this! And Yes, Chris does have to deter me from the organization and purse sections of stores...they are my weaknesses.  He told me the other that under no circumstances am I ever allowed to go to the Container Store. ;0)

4. I love to scrapbook. Yes, I know you all know this...but what you don't know is that I see inspiration for scrapbooking EVERYWHERE! I sometimes have trouble falling asleep at night because I'm thinking about an idea I have for a layout and I'm just so excited about it, I can't get it off my mind. At this point I have never actually gotten out of bed and started on the layout (my realistic side tells me how insanely tired and irritable I would be in the morning if I got out of bed to scrap).

5. I love bacon. My sister got me a bacon air freshener for my car a couple Christmases ago...I've never opened it because I'm afraid it will make me crave bacon every time I get in my car.

6. Steak is my favorite food. Basically I'm a carnivore. Salad is what real food eats ;0)

7. I don't like any kind of salad sandwich...ham salad, chicken salad, etc. It's a texture thing, not taste thing. Same with breakfast casseroles made with bread.

8. I always look for the person chasing those crazies who are running on the side of the road. Why? ask...because I don't see the point in running unless someone is chasing you to kill you or steal your purse. And even then, there is nothing so very important in my purse, and if God is ready for me then so be it. People who say they enjoy running make me chuckle...those people have something seriously wrong with them.

9. I have road rage. I don't flip people off...but I do scream at them! I realize they can't hear me and to an onlooker I probably appear rather crazy as I scream at the top of my lungs...but it does make me feel better. To be honest...this started after I took a safe driving course in college (my Dad got a discount on my insurance if I did it...Can I blame him for this?) and realized just how many people don't know traffic rules.

10. Michael Jackson is one of my favorite artists. His music just makes me happy.

11. I have very random taste in music.  You'll find Third Day, Eminem, Michael Buble', and soundtracks to musicals on my Zune.
12.  I love ducks. You all should know this by now...if you didn't, where on earth have you been?
13.  Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  It's Crosspoint day and a relaxation day in all in one ;0)
14.  I have the best husband on the planet.  Seriously...I do!
15.  I spend 1-2 hourse twice a day doing treatments.
16.  I am a Christ Follower!


  1. I was about to suggest that you'd love the Container Store until I read that Chris banned you from it. :). You would like it though!

  2. I would just like to say that I could totally hear you saying "Nerd Alert!" in my head. Also, I hang my scarves on hangers the same way.